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This bag is made of highly durable materials and is reinforced in all the seams.
Divide your room, we distinguish between two large
rooms. One on one side, designed to leave 1 or 2 padelracket and the other in the central area for clothes, shoes or toilet folder. It also has small pockets both inside and outside, so you don't lose your car keys or wallet.
On the other hand, the most manageable side is since it contains different grips, so you can carry it like a backpack on the sword or as a
purse. In our opinion, it is ideal for players who are not heavily loaded to their matches and are looking for a convenient and functional bag.
The bag comes in a combination of shades of gray, with details and logos in

The Bullpadel BPP-21004 Tour Green 2021 has a pocket for the padel race.
It is made of solid materials for good durability.
Small size and the cheapest Bullpadel bag.
Padded handles to carry it on your shoulders.
Main rooms and other smaller ones for personal items.

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